Mazda5: The compact minivan for whole family!

Great gas mileage and large amounts of cargo space are accurate descriptions of the Mazda5. Efficiency however does not come at the cost of an upscale experience. The Mazda5 is an excellent bet for drivers who need the space of a minivan and the performance of a smaller vehicle. The Mazda5 is a good choice for those looking into a Kia Sedona, Honda CR-V or Odyssey, Ford C-Max or Toyota Sienna.

The Mazda5 is a 3 row compact minivan with available trim levels being sport, touring and GT. All the aforementioned trims come with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and five speed automatic transmission.

The Mazda5's interior has modern, sleek controls and layout. Every dial and button is easily within reach, giving the vehicle's interior a bit more of a regular car feel that then average minivan. Although the outside of the Mazda5 is smaller than a regular minivan, the interior space is more than adequate!

The Mazda5 is an excellent value both at the gas pump and when trying to fit a lot of cargo. Experience the space and surprising modern luxury - browse our current inventory now!