Cardinale Mazda Suggests Cleaning Under Your Vehicle’s Hood

Often, we hear reminders to wash and wax our vehicles to keep the exterior looking like new.  We know this is critical to getting the most from a future resale.  However, most car owners neglect to pop the hood and do some serious cleaning under the hood.  Cardinale Mazda in Salinas, located at the Salinas Auto Mall, explains why it’s important to clean your vehicle’s engine compartment and provides instructions for how you can accomplish this with relative ease.

Why You Should Clean Under The Hood

Over time, debris and grime can accumulate under the hood of your vehicle.  This can be detrimental to the parts of your engine, battery and electrical wiring.  For starters, accumulation of grime can lead to corrosion.  A buildup of corrosion can be particularly harmful to your vehicle’s battery.  It’s also difficult for you or an auto mechanic to tell if there is a fluid leak if your engine compartment hasn’t been cleaned in awhile.  Think how much easier it is to spot a leak if everything is spotless under the hood.  The real pay-off to a clean engine compartment is a cooler-running engine.  This helps add longevity to your vehicle and we can all agree that it’s worth fifteen to twenty minutes of your time once or twice a year.


How To Clean Your Vehicle’s Engine Compartment

For starters, always start with a cold engine.  Pop the hood and remove any loose debris that is visible.  You can do this by using a brush, small broom or even a leaf blower.  Never hose down the engine compartment, as water can potentially harm your vehicle’s electrical wiring and components.  Instead, use microfiber towels or soft rags and dip them in a mild cleaning solution.  You can even use Dawn dishwashing detergent mixed with water as it will easily remove oil and grease.  Be sure to wring the towel or rag, so that it is just dampened.  Gently wipe down the surfaces.  Inspect the battery, and use a wire brush to remove any signs of corrosion.  If you don’t have a wire brush, pour a small amount of Coca-Cola on a rag and use this to wipe away corrosion.  While you’re under the hood, check all your fluid levels — oil, transmission, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid.  It’s also recommended that you inspect belts and hoses for any cracks, slips or leakage.

Cardinale Mazda Has An Outstanding Service Department

If you’re worried about cleaning under the hood, you can always bring your vehicle to our capable Service department at Cardinale Mazda.  Our highly trained Service technicians will be glad to perform a professional cleaning of your vehicle’s engine compartment and check all the fluid levels, belts and hoses for you.  While here, you’re welcome to browse our dealership lots.  Check out the latest Mazda models, from the 2017 Mazda6 sedan to the family-friendly three-row 2017 Mazda CX-9.


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