New Mazda Patent For Triple-Charged Engine Sparks

We’re just learning that Mazda applied for a patent for a triple-charged engine with an electric supercharger.  Now the rumors will begin swirling as the automotive industry tries to predict how Mazda will utilize this latest technology.  Cardinale Mazda in Salinas, your favorite Mazda auto dealer, is always excited any time that the Mazda engineers develop a new patent.

What Exactly Is A Triple-Charged Engine?

Your curiosity is likely piqued as you ponder the riveting development of a triple-charged engine.  Basically, there are dual turbochargers at work, with an assist from an electric supercharger.  Power is kickstarted in the electric supercharger which then propels the turbochargers into action, providing a significant boost of horsepower. This type of engine configuration is best suited for a vehicle that has rear-wheel drive.

Is There A Mystery Mazda Vehicle In The Works?

The new patent raises the question of what Mazda vehicle is likely to benefit from a triple-charged engine.  Since it’s intended for a rear-wheel drive, and the Mazda Miata is too small for such an increased threshold for power, we predict a new Mazda model is in the works.  No word from Mazda on what their plans are for the triple-charged engine.  At this point, it is simply a patent that may or may not reach fruition.  However, it’s fun to think about.  Perhaps a new Mazda sports car is on the horizon — there’s already speculation that it could be an RX-8 successor.

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